Raspbmc Samba Login

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Raspbmc Samba Login

Posted by Brien Allete on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 00:35:11

See PR12110. NT1 is the Samba default client max protocol. There is nothing you can configure in your server that will change default Kodi NT1 behaviour. You only need to add "client max protocol = SMB3" in the smb.conf used by Kodi and Samba will begin negotiating connections starting with SMB3 instead of NT1.

Note: Once I cure (using ssh login and manually start the samba service) the situation shares work until the next reboot. It turns out that in the XBMC app, the add-on program called "Raspbmc Settings" had the samba service set to off. Changing that setting to turn samba on solved the situation.

[SOLVED] Wifi passphrase not accepted. Help and Support. Raspberry Pi Set kodi log and went though the failed setup then saved it to card. was a wireless install I don't believe I should have to enter the passphrase in OSMC settings again.Never had to with Raspbmc. sam_nazarko May 22

I have installed XBMC on my Raspberry Pi (RaspBMC). I have an external HDD connected via USB to my raspberry Pi, which I would like all of my movie content on. Logging into the Raspberry Pi using an SSH, I installed and configured Samba Server using the following guide (All the text is commands used is specified in the Video-notes):

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OSMC Release Candidate 3 lands 19 May 2015 Hi everyone, OSMC is now bigger than Raspbmc. We've improved IO performance and made sure that if you're using the Samba server from the App Store to access your shares from Windows, any attached disks will automatically appear as network